ADHD short for: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The many steps that are taken to reduce this form of imbalance, which ADHD is, with kids as well as adults, do not always have the desired result. To even set the right diagnose, the right armentarium to come to the perfect diagnose is missing. It is namely not possible to fully diagnose it with an EEG, a so called Electro-encafalogram. Other measuring methods like SPECT or MRI give no exclusive diagnose. Through my measurements through dowsing, I contact the subconscious of a person, of who I have gotten permission to find the answers to the disturbances that this person experiences in their daily routine. I found out that disturbances caused by ADHD, can have something to do with, for example, the eating pattern.
As a first measurement, I will look at the whole scale of food, to see what the eating pattern lacks according to the wishes of the body and mind to find a better balance. The possible harmful side effects of the nourishments that one regularly takes then will surface. The body itself knows very well what is bad, but can not always pass this on to the mind, because the mind is very strongly influenced by the emotional stimuli and imprinted habits, that are handed to it by the ones that think they do what is right, because others do the same or because others have taught them to. That is why it is very important to know that the subconscious of every human being is connected to the whole of the creation and that through bringing the knowledge of the subconscious to the surface of the mind, the right way to improvement will be given.

One of the characteristics of ADHD is a problem with attention or concentration. I then measure what the attention or concentration problems are from the over 80 possibilities, with which I can get a direct access to the aspects of this fundamental problem. It is by acquiring knowledge about this, possibly solvable and not temporary but for a longer period of time. Hyperactivity often originates from using the wrong kind of nourishment for a longer period of time and it is always very hard to exactly point out what substances in what kind of nourishment contribute to increasing the hyperactivity. By avoiding these substances, it turns out that the hyperactivity strongly reduces and thus is a point to reducing ADHD.

We also see a lot of impulsiveness with people with ADHD. By measuring over 200 characteristics a possible clue can be found that is the cause of impulsiveness and by working on improving certain characteristics that are considered disturbing, the impulsiveness can be reduced with the right guidance. A result of impulsiveness is, that because of a certain form of feeling rushed, one can respond quickly and uncontrolled to situations of which one can not completely see the import. One then does not think they fit in the rest of the perception of that time. The time is often experienced differently in ADHD cases and with that often assessed wrongly with all that that entails. The motto when ADHD is determined by an expert, can never lead to desperation, because I can give knowledge through dowsing, specifically measured for that person, through which openings will literally become visible that can contribute to gradual improvements. Because my motto is helpfulness, I can offer my gift in all modesty, to those who are open to this method of dowsing.